Fully automatic copper thickness measurement system


It can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading mechanism to realize automatic online measurement of copper thickness on the surface of the circuit board. Multiple probes can be configured to measure the front and back sides of the board at the same time.
Test item: Cu thickness

Fully automatic wafer measurement system


The fully automatic wafer measurement system equipped with EFEM device can realize the automatic measurement of the coating thickness and SnAg% of the wafer surface.
Test items:
1. Metal layer thickness, such as Au, Ni, Pd, Sn, Ag, Ti, Cu, etc...
2.The proportion of SnAg% of Bumping

Fully automatic carrier board measurement system


Automatic carrier plate measurement system, fully automatic measurement of the thickness of metal plating on the front and back sides of the carrier board
Test items: metal layer thickness such as Au, Ni, Pd, Sn, Ag, Ti, Cu, etc...





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EddyCus® inline – Non-contact Sheet Resistance, Layer Thickness and Electrical Anisotropy Measurement Solutions for Process Control


The EddyCus® inline series measures layer properties such as metal layer thickness, sheet resistance, emissivity, residual moisture or grammage in non-contact on various substrates. Relevant substrates are glass, foil, paper, wafer, plastic or ceramic. Monitoring is done by permanent measurement or by trigger events to obtain equidistant results in fast moving coating processes. Monitoring solutions can be implemented either in atmosphere or vacuum conditions. Processes using eddy current technology benefit from high samples rates. Measurement results can be provided for process control systems using customer´s software. Additionally SURAGUS offers the monitoring software EddyCus® EC Control that visualizes, stores and analyses metrology data.