TranSpec Lite - Film Thickness Gauge


Using in the automotive headlights industry, For the topcoat layer of the headlight cover(hard coating,TCL),Interpenetration Layer(IPL),Anti Fog Layer on inner side of headlight(AFL)Perform high-precision on accurate measurements

FTM-ProVis Lite Software for Film Thickness Measurement


Simple, rapid, and accurate measurement of the thickness of the transparent film. The software needs to be used simultaneously with our TranSpec Lite.

TranSpec Process Spectrometer


Our TranSpec process instruments are UV-VIS-NIR photodiode array spectrometers, which combine innovative optoelectronics with high performance digital electronics (optionally with halogen or combined deuterium/halogen lamps, as shown in the photo above) in just one 19'' rack. The TranSpec process spectrometer is used mainly for film thickness and plasma emission measurement tasks.

PEM-ProVis Professional Software


PEM-ProVis Professional is a convenient Windows software package for optical plasma emission measurements running on our fiber optics coupled TranSpec process spectrometer. The software permits to simultaneously trace up to 4 emission peaks at any wavelength selectable in the spectral range of approximately 200 nm to 1000 nm.




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